Parts and Service for ProWalk Horse Walkers

All ProWalk replacement parts for walkers built after 1984 are readily available directly from ProWalk Mfg. For service or technical questions on ProWalk walkers, please contact:

ProWalk Mfg Company, Inc.
1115 W. Main Street, Ada, Oklahoma 74820
Phone: 1.580.332.5516 (Central Time Zone)

Parts for Other Brands of Horse Walkers

Walker parts are not standardized! ProWalk parts will not fit on your horse walker if it was not manufactured by ProWalk. Most of the older walkers were custom made from tractor or truck parts. We do not carry replacement tractor or truck parts :)


Although most horse walkers use electric motors, the size, voltage, amperage and horsepower all depend on the manufacturer of the horse walker.

If your non-Prowalk horse walker needs a replacement electric motor, look in the yellow pages for "Electric Motors" and find a dealer or repair center. Take your existing motor with you when you go so they can determine what size it is and what voltage it requires. In most cases, you can get a motor rebuilt for about 1/2 of the cost of a new one.

Variable Speed and Reverse: To make an electric motor do variable speed and reverse, you need to purchase an A/C Motor Drive. When shopping for one you will need to know your motor parameters: amperage, 110 VAC, or 220, single or double phase, and motor horsepower.

Gearboxes: We do not sell gearboxes or other drive parts for use in non-ProWalk horse walkers.

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