Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the delivery driver set the walker base on my concrete pad?

No. The drivers only responsibility is to assist you with offloading the walker onto the ground directly behind the trailer. They do not have the equipment to set it on a concrete pad.

Q: How many people does it take to install the walker. I watched a video on one brand and it showed 5 people doing their 6 horse lead walker installation.

After the concrete pad is done, you can easily do the installation with 2 people in 2 to 3 hours. Use a tractor with a bucket (or backhoe) to place the base unit on the pad and secure it. From the back of a pickup, raise and insert the arms into the sleeves and secure them with bolts. Then install the cross cables between the arms. Plug in the power and your done.

Q: Do I have to rent a crane to install the base and tree like some of the other walkers? The other one I looked at has a base unit that is 7 feet tall, and then you have to install the 3 foot high tree on top of it. My tractors bucket won't go that high.

No, a tractor with a front bucket will work fine. The base unit and the tree are one unit and are about 6 1/2 feet high.

Q:  My tractors front bucket can only lift 800 pounds. Will that work with your walker. The other brand I looked at weighs 1200 pounds without the tree attached.

Our base unit weighs about 680 pounds. Even the smaller utility tractors can lift it. Makes us wonder why their base is so heavy? They have a rectangular base unit with a footprint of only 2.75 cu. ft. (18" x 22"), compared to our 11.5 cu. ft. (36" x 46") pyramid shape base unit.

Q:  Do I need a "Certified Electrician" to install the walker? I have an electrical outlet 45 ft from where the walker base will be mounted.

No, you do not need an electrician to hook up the base unit. The Control Panel ProWalk provides comes with a 50 foot cable that attaches to a connecter in the base unit. It also has an 8ft 110 VAC cable and plug. You simply take off the end connector on the 50 ft cable, run the cable though the conduit to the walker base. Re-install the connector. Plug it into the plug in the base unit. Plug in the Control Panel 110 VAC plug to your outlet and your done.

Q: Do I need 240 VAC to power a ProWalk Horse Walker?

No, it only need 110 VAC at the location where you place the control Panel. The Control panel can be up to 50 feet from the base unit.

Q:  One of your competitor says their unit is better because it has a gear driven drive system. Is that better than your belt driven system.

Sometimes a simple design is a better design! If their unit fails, how much will it cost to repair or replace a planatary gear system, compared to a drive belt? Also, our Pro and Free Walkers have a Lifetime Chassis Warranty? Their gear drive unit has a 1 year warranty.

Q: How long do your belts last and how long does it take to replace one.

With average usage, the belts will last 6 to 8 years. Replacement time is about 45 minutes.

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