When you receive your walker, there will be a cardboard box inside the base unit. Inside the box are all the items you need to install the horse walker. 

There always seems to be some confusion on the electrical installation. This document hopefully will eliminate the confusion.

IMPORTANT!  If you have a 110 VAC Outlet within 8 feet of the location you are mounting the Controller, then you do NOT need an electrician to install this walker. That is the only outlet you will need for the entire walker installation. If you need an electrician to install the 110 VAC outlet for the Controller, tell him it must not be GCFI controlled.

There are only 2 electrical components associated with the installation:

The motor comes with a short electrical cable and a 4 prong male 220 VAC connector. The motor is a 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 HP electric motor that runs on 220 VAC 3 Phase power that is provided by the Controller. It does NOT require any additional power.

You do NOT need an electrician to wire 220VAC to the base unit or Controller.  You only need to provide 110 Volt power to the controller (see below).


The Controller comes with a 8 ft 110 VAC power cord and plug plus a 55 foot cable and plug that connects to the motor in the base unit.  The Controller runs on 110VAC only.

The Controller converts 110 VAC into 220 VAC 3-Phase power and sends that power through the 55 foot cable to the motor.  You do NOT need an electrician to wire 220VAC to the Controller. All you need is a standard 110VAV outlet (non-GCFI) for the Controller.

To install the electrical components: Complete the installation of the base unit and arms and insure the base is properly bolted to the concrete pad.

Do NOT plug in the controller until all you are instructed to!

1. Mount the controller (see note at bottom of page). Do NOT plug in the Controller!

2. Remove the large Female plug from the end of the 55 foot cable that is attached to the Controller. Note the color code and location of the wires in the plug before you remove the plug, or take a photo of the plug showing how it is hooked up before you remove the wires.

3. Tape the wires at the end of the cable to protect them, and push the cable thru the conduit from the controller end until the cable comes out inside the base unit.

4. Re-install the plug on the end of the cable inside the base unit. Make sure the wiring matches the original configuration. If you are not sure its correct - STOP and call ProWalk!

5. Connect the male and female plugs in the base unit and twist them to lock the plugs together.

6. Make sure the ON/OFF switch on the Controller is OFF.

7. Plug in the Controller.

You are finished!


Note's on Controller.

It is recommended that the drive be mounted vertically on a flat surface with adequate ventilation for the back and sides. Use 1 1/2" spacers between the controller and mounting surface to allow the cooling fins on the back to dissipate heat.  Although the drive is designed for outdoor and washdown use, care should be taken to avoid extreme hazardous locations where physical damage can occur. When mounting the drive in an enclosure, the enclosure should be large enough to allow for proper heat dissipation so that the ambient temperature does not exceed 40 °C (104 °F) at full rating.

The manufacturer of the Controller (AC Motor Drive) states in their user manual that plugging the Controller into a GCFI outlet may damage the Controller.

The Controller comes with a "Tamper Proof Sticker". If you or anyone breaks the sticker by opening the Controller cover, it will VOID your warranty. If you are have problems with the Controller, call ProWalk MFG at 580-332-5516.

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