Variable Speed/Soft-Start AC Motor Control unit
with Electronic Motor Overload Protection

The ProWalk Adjustable Frequency Controller is a variable speed AC motor control in a NEMA-4X /IP-65 washdown and watertight enclosure. It is designed to operate 208-230 Volt 3-phase AC induction motors through 3.6 Amps RMS. The PWM output operates at 16kHz which provides high motor torque, high efficiency and low noise. Due to its user friendly design, the Controller is easy to install and operate.


The warranty on the ProWalk Controller is 1 year from date of delivery. The Control housing has a factory installed seal. Opening the case and/or breaking the seal voids the warranty. Contact ProWalk before opening the controller case to avoid voiding the warranty.


It is recommended that the Control unit be mounted vertically on a flat surface with adequate ventilation. Leave enough room below the Control unit to allow for the AC line outlet. Although the Control unit is designed for outdoor and washdown use, care should be taken to avoid extreme hazardous locations where physical damage can occur. When mounting the Control unit in an enclosure, the enclosure should be large enough to allow for proper heat dissipation so that the ambient temperature does not exceed 40 °C (104 °F) at full rating.


If this Control unit has been in storage for over one year it is necessary to recondition the power supply bus capacitors. To recondition the bus capacitors, apply the AC power and with the Control unit in the Stop Mode, leave it powered on for a minimum of one hour. Not following this procedure will cause the bus capacitors to fail.


Start-Up Procedure - After the Control unit has been properly mounted, the start-up procedure can begin. If the AC power has been properly connected to the Control unit, the power (PWR) LED will illuminate green. The status (ST) LED will indicate Control unit status (see the Status LED Table below).

To start the Control unit, momentarily set the Start/Stop Switch to the "START" position. The motor will begin to accelerate to the set speed.


The Control unit contains two diagnostic LEDs mounted on the upper right of the enclosure cover to display the Control unit's operational status.

Power On LED (PWR) - The "PWR" LED will illuminate green when the AC line is applied to the Control unit. WARNING! Do not depend on the PWR LED as a guaranteed power off condition. Be sure the main power switch or circuit breaker is in the "OFF" position before servicing this Control unit.

Status LED (ST) - The "ST" LED is a tricolor LED which provides indication of a fault or abnormal condition. The information provided can be used to diagnose an installation problem such as incorrect input voltage, overload condition, and Control unit output miswiring. It also provides a signal which informs the user that all Control unit and microcontroller operating parameters are normal. The table below summarizes the "ST" LED functions.

Control unit Operating Condition and Status LED Indicator

Control unit Operating Condition Flash Rate (1) and LED Color
Normal Operation Slow Flash Green
Overload (120% - 160% Full Load) Steady Red (2)
I2t - Control unit Timed Out Quick Flash Red (2)
Short Circuit Slow Flash Red
Undervoltage Quick Flash Red / Yellow (3)
Overvoltage Slow Flash Red / Yellow (3)
Stop Steady Yellow
Stand-By (4) Slow Flash Yellow
Input Phase Loss (5) Rapid Flash Yellow

1. Slow Flash = 1 second on and 1 second off. Quick Flash = 0.25 second on and 0.25 second off.
2. When the Overload is removed, before the I2t times out and trips the Control unit, the "ST" LED will flash green.
3. When the Undervoltage or Overvoltage condition is corrected, the "ST" LED will flash Red / Yellow / Green.
4. Only if the Forward-Stop-Reverse Switch is installed.
5. Model KBAC-29, with three-Phase AC line input, and Models KBAC-45, 48. Rapid Flash = 4 mSec on and 6 mSec off.

Controller Detail
Controller Detail

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